Let Your Imagination BLOOM…

BLOOM is a community-based non-profit organization that provides supplemental instruction and support to students and their families in an out-of-school time setting.

At BLOOM, our young learners or Sprouts receive important, usable tools to help bridge the readiness gap and to be prepared and competitive in and outside of the classroom. We offer educational experiences from the classroom to the garden.

Our “Grow Your Story” project is an experience that can empower children/parents to tell their own stories in their own voices. Writing, illustrating and publishing their own books offers a tangible reward of their hard work and the publishing party that follows is a true celebration of being a published author!

GROW Your Story!

BLOOM believes everyone has a story to tell. We believe everyone, regardless of age, has the ability to tell it. Listening to the stories we tell each other we are learning empathy, diplomacy, reflection, and grace.

Something special happens when students see their name in a book that they author/co-author. The process of the publishing project improves student writing and learning skills. Sharing ideas, brainstorming, collaborating leads to critical thinking. This process can become even more special when parents work together with their Sprouts on their books.

Art is a powerful component of storytelling and we incorporate an illustration with every story. Lessons on how to express your words in art is one of the highlights of the project for our students. Our culminating published authors book unveiling, includes an art exhibit of all of the students illustrations, further empowering them about their body of work.